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  • ABRF 2015
    Formulatrix will be exhibiting at ABRF Annual Meeting 2015. Stop by our booth for a hand's on our Constellation & Mantis.
    St. Louis, Missouri. March 28-31, 2015.

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  • MPS 2015
    The meeting brings together keynote lectures, oral presentations and poster presentations.
    Lemont, IL. April 9-12, 2015.

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  • 44th MAMCM 2015
    Formulatrix is attending 44th Mid-Atlantic Macromolecular Crystallography Meeting and the 11th Annual SER-CAT Symposium meeting
    Baltimore, MD. April 23-26, 2015.

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    • "We have had ourRockimager 1000for nearly 2 years and have setup and imaged >7000 plates in that time. The system has performed very reliably over that span from a mechanical standpoint and the associated Rockmaker software has made tracking, viewing and organizing our many projects simple and easy. The seamless integration of our Formulatrix Formulator with the imaging system has allowed us to carry out optimizations in a high throughput manner as well. Just as important is that the service and support have been excellent, with most issues dealt with remotely and new customer driven features added at regular intervals."

      - Rafael Toro -
      Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • "The images from the two Formulatrix system we have had installed are superb and we are particularly pleased at the way Formulatrix has worked with us to interface their software with our 'in-house' LIMS and to the EMBL Grenoble CRIMS system. We are so pleased with the system that we've demoed them to other scientists and VIPs who have recently visited the Weizmann Institute of Science."

      - Prof. Joel L. Sussman
      Weizmann Institute of Science

    • "We have been using theRock Makersystem for more than two years now. TheRock Makersystem has enriched our discovery of crystallization conditions, we are especially pleased by the speed with which condition optimization experiments can be designed and built."

      -Gordon King, Ph.D.
      University Of Queensland

    • "We are very satisfied with our FormulatrixRock Makersoftware because it provides a user-friendly, experiment-like interface to our crystallization robotics. The way in which initial crystallization screening, follow-up optimization and imaging of results withRock Imagerare integrated makes it especially powerful and allows us to get the most from all our hardware."

      - Dennis E. Danley
      Pfizer Groton Research & Development

    • "We have been very pleased with the implementation of theRock Makerplatform at Novartis.Rock Makerhas allowed us to improve our productivity using our existing crystallization robotic hardware. A key benefit has been integrating the entire crystallization process from experimental design through data management under Formulatrix' comprehensive, user-friendly software platform."

      - Travis Stams
      Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

    • "We are very happy with theRock Imager 54andRock Makerfrom Formulatrix. They are easy to use and the quality of the images is superb. I highly recommend them to everyone who has robotic systems for crystallization setup. An automated crystal imaging system is essential, and Rock Imager is the best for the quality, capacity and versatility."

      - Wei Yang, Ph.D.
      Laboratory of Molecular Biology NIDDK, NIH

    • "After careful comparison of all of the crystallization imaging systems currently available, we found that the Formulatrix system was by far the best for those groups interested in conducting both development research with new and emerging crystallization technologies for membrane proteins, while at the same time using the system for routine crystal storage and inspection of soluble and membrane protein crystals. The image quality is outstanding and the software is very adaptable."

      - Ray Stevens
      The Scripps Institute

    • "OurNT8dropsetter has proven to be an invaluable asset to our crystallographic work and has become a real workhorse instrument in our lab. Not only does it allow us to test twice as many conditions in half the time (if not more), but it is easily adapted to more customized applications such as screening drop ratios or using additives. We continue to receive prompt, personalized support from Formulatrix and benefit from their constant improvements to both the NT8 and its software. We are very pleased with our experience thus far, and would highly recommend the NT8 to anyone interested in automated crystallization screening."

      - Kip Guja
      Stony Brook University Medical Center

    • "We have already used it for so many different applications and it didn’t failed even once. It has the ability to perform almost everything you want and as such, it makes the crystallization experiments very user friendly and convenient. The most impressing thing (I guess the ones who used the older version will agree with me) is that it works perfectly well even if it wasn’t used for a long period (not to mention after one day, which wasn’t trivial at all for the older version). There is no need for any calibration or other adjustments - you can just press "run" and it works. In addition, the option of "plate copy" is great, and it makes the process even more automatic. Therefore, to everyone who has doubts regarding this system, I truly recommend it."

      - Anat Shahar, PhD
      Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

    • "TheNT8robot is really an improvement for all protein crystallization trials in our lab! The amount of protein needed for initial screens is reduced five-fold and the NT8 is therefore also well-suited for crystallization experiments of membrane proteins. The software enables an easy handling and allows a broad range of possible applications. And for all those lab members who are not dealing with protein crystallization this fancy device is really an eye candy."

      - Astrid Höppner

    • "I feel compelled to leave a strong recommendation for potential purchasers of theMantis. We have now implemented theMantisinto our everyday workflow for assay development. The software is easy to use and allows us to quickly set up DOEs with varying concentrations of reagents and directed to appropriate wells. We have also been extremely efficient in showing the feasibility of smaller volume reactions using theMantis, with several assays moving from using the higher volume diaphram to the smaller volume diaphram and decreasing the size of reaction from 5uL to 500nL - huge cost savings!!!! Plus money we save from not losing valuable reagents is also a huge plus, the low dead volume alone makes this a great purchase. We give theMantisour highest recommendation."

      - Bryan Witherbee

    • "TheTempesthas been a great addition to our lab and has already saved us a ton of time and money. We started off with a beta version of the instrument and the team over at Formulatrix worked extremely hard to incorporate most of our suggestions in the final product. It has been a pleasure working with them."


    • "We picked theTempestbecause of the following reasons:
      1. Tempest offers automated dispensing for uniform and quick cell seeding. It also eliminates human error.
      2. TheTempesthas a smaller dead volume than the MultiDrop Combi. This helps us save on the volume of precious reagents such as certain cell types or transfection reagent.
      3. TheTempestoffers a gentle dispensing force and gentle movement of stage compared to MultiDrop Combi. TheTempestis more suitable for dispensing other reagents downstream like PFA, triton and antibody. Cells don’t get dislodged so much due to the dispensing force. The gentle stage movement minimizes uneven cell distribution in wells due to plate jerking.
      4. Ability to dispense small volumes accurately."

      A*Star Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology