The Formulator is a next-generation liquid handler that uses patented microfluidic technology to dispense up to ten times faster than traditional liquid handlers.


  • Assay Development
  • Viscous Reagent Dispensing
  • Protein Crystallization
  • Screen Creation

    Fast :
    Dispense a 100┬ÁL, 3 ingredient, 96-well grid in as little as 2.7 minutes.
    Easy to use :
    No difficult programming or complicated usage steps. Design your experiments using Excel or an intuitive experiment designer ( Rock Maker - sold separately ), place your ingredients on the instrument, and click run.
    Flexible :
    Independent control over each dispense nozzle allows any volume of any reagent to go to any well. Coupled with a motorized XYZ stage, the Formulator can support virtually all microplate formats, even large VDX/Linbro plates.
    Small :
    The footprint is slightly larger than a microwave.
    Reliable :
    Chemically inert components, self washing, no regular maintenance required.
    Precise :
    Dispense volumes down to 200nL with low CVs. No upper limit on dispense volume.
    State-of-the-art :
    Independent channel control over all 96 nozzles; uses positive displacement instead of pressurized bottles.